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The team at Freight On Board will be happy to answer your enquiry by phone, email or by filling out an enquiry form.

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Please feel free to contact any of our offices and we welcome the opportunity to be of service.


100 Paisley Street, Footscray VIC 3011

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59 Fairford Road, Padstow NSW 3011

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Los Angeles

8th Floor, 1 World Trade Center, Long Beach California 90831

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400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 15 Atlanta Georgia 30339

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Our Team

The entire team at Freight On Board are dedicated, professional, friendly and knowledgeable so please reach out to our staff should you have any questions or require advice in International Logistics including Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Airfreight, Seafreight, Trucking, Warehousing, Consultancy or any other related matters you would like to discuss in person, by e-mail, by conference call or by telephone.

  • Brendan Tout

    Managing Director

    Licenced Customs Broker

    + 61 418 247 690

    Based in Sydney office

    Brendan started in the freight industry in 1973 working with a transport company and by 1984 Brendan had experienced many aspects of international trade and obtained his customs brokerage licence. In 1990 Brendan started Freight On Board and has been actively working in and on the business since.

    Brendan has a vision for what he would like to achieve with Freight On Board and firmly believes in employing people with a personal drive to succeed in their chosen fields and always encourages staff to better themselves.

    Brendan has many interests including spending time with his family (especially his grandchildren), watching the Carlton Football Club, sight-seeing and travel.

  • Greg Tout

    Customs Manager / General Manager

    Licenced Customs Broker

    + 61 418 105 685

    Based in Melbourne office

    Greg started in the international trade field in 1987 and was a licenced customs broker by 1990. Greg started his working career with a global accounting firm as a customs consultant and had much exposure to working with a variety of professional organisations.

    In 1991, Greg was approached by Brendan (Greg’s brother) to join him at Freight On Board as Brendan was in need of another customs broker and Greg was the perfect fit so in 1991 Greg joined Freight On Board.

    Since Greg’s appointment as general manager in 2017, Greg encourages an open-door policy to all staff encouraging them to build their knowledge by asking questions, challenging themselves and assisting staff to continually develop.

    Greg loves spending time with his family, closely follows the Western Bulldogs Football Club and enjoys an ale after a good day’s work in the garden.

  • Brett Lennon

    Marketing & Customer Service Manager

    + 61 417 374 709

    Based in Melbourne office

    Brett has been with Freight On Board since 1997 and brings different aspects to Freight On Board as he had previously worked with a retailer for 11 years within the distribution centre accounting team and then was encouraged to join the shipping department where he was introduced to all aspects of international freight and customs operations.

    Brett works very closely with all aspects of our business and is largely the person responsible to negotiate contracts with service providers including shipping lines, airlines, transport companies, overseas partners with the goal of best servicing all customers.

    Whilst not at work Brett enjoys spending time with his family, taking his dogs for a walk whilst trying to keep active, having a game of golf, spending time in the garden and working on his home.

  • Sal Segat

    Operations Manager

    + 61 418 109 312

    Based in Melbourne office

    Sal has been with Freight On Board since 1991 and is our Forwarding Operations manager overseeing all freight operations.

    Sal works with his operations team to ensure that all shipments are managed with end goal in mind of getting the cargo to the final delivery point in the most cost effective and timely manner whilst complying with all international trade requirements.

    Sal enjoys keeping fit, fine dining, washing cars, mowing lawns and spending time with his family when he is not at work.

  • Adam Kowalski

    Licenced Customs Broker

    + 61 418 124 901

    Based in Melbourne office

    Adam joined Freight On Board in 2005 straight out of school and has become a valuable part of our team after working in our transport department and then followed by our customs department.

    Adam is a Licenced Customs Broker and holds a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) accreditation. Adam currently works in our Customs Department where he works closely with all customers ensuring the smooth clearance of all shipments into Australia.

    Adam enjoys going to the gym, following his favourite AFL football team the Western Bulldogs, a keen golfer and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

  • Ian Mitchell

    Sydney Branch Manager

    Licenced Customs Broker

    + 61 431 481 684

    Based in Sydney office

    Ian joined Freight On Board in 2017 taking up the role of our Sydney Branch Manager and has quickly become a valuable part of our team.

    Ian oversees the day to day operations of our Sydney office & warehouse and also has quickly become our systems specialist assisting all staff with systems questions and systems requirements from customers.

    Ian enjoys spending time with his family, keeping fit through soccer, cricket and cycling, and working on the little odd jobs around the home.

  • Vince Landy

    Managing Partner

    + 1 310 741 1199

    Based in USA office

    Vince has been a good friend to all at Freight On Board for many years and joined the Freight On Board team in 2019.

    Vince has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of international logistics having started his working career in the UK and then relocating to the USA in 1995 where he established himself within the USA market. Vince has vast knowledge of the international freight markets and was the perfect fit to become the managing partner of Freight On Board International Services LLC.

    Vince enjoys cooking, watching his premier league football, catching up with friends and travelling when possible.

  • Dave Robertson

    Managing Director

    Licenced Customs Broker

    + 64 27 495 8584

    Based in New Zealand office

    Dave has been in the international freight industry since 1978 and his understanding of the New Zealand market is better than most.

    Dave is a Licenced Customs Broker and works in all aspects of the business and is supported by good staff ensuring that all customers are cared for in professional and friendly manner.

    Dave enjoys Rugby Union, spending time with his family and relaxing at the beach whenever possible.